Updated: Nov 26, 2020

#CREATEART4HOPE is offering you a unique opportunity to bid on original artworks by Cheshire based artists, Emma Rodgers, a world renowned and award winning sculptor; and hyperrealism artist Samantha Messias.

Proceeds from Emma Rodgers' 'White Dove' and Samantha Messias' 'Innocence' will benefit:

1. The Hive Youth Zone, Ellesmere Port, The Youth Zone provides a safe environment where young people can come and enjoy themselves and enables young people to raise their aspirations and confidence to create a happier and healthier generation.

2. Maggie's Merseyside which offers a free ‘more than medicine’ service for people living with cancer, as well as their family and friends. With emotional support through group and one-to-one counselling sessions being one of their key initiatives.

The auction will be open throughout the Virtual Deepbridge Chester Arts Fair running from Nov 13th until Dec 13th 2020. Bids can be made by emailing with the following information;

1. Your name 2. Bid 3. Contact Details (Tel/Email)

The highest bidder will be contacted to receive the original.

Thank You

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