Michael's painting of a river in springtime named "Spring Thaw" was inspired by the feeling that there is always hope and light at the end of the tunnel, emerging into new life after the dark of winter. Although it is of no particular place it is reminiscent of familiar landscapes across the British Isles. He aimed to convey a real feeling and sense of hope - especially in these difficult and strange times. It gives a sense of powerful and beautiful fulfilment to us all that there is such beauty outside the "four walls".

His current body of work is inspired by a recent sailing trip up the Western Isles of Scotland where he experienced all weather elements and light in which he captures in his paintings. Working with oils, thinners and primers on canvas and panel, he starts with vigorous brushstrokes adding thin glazes and the landscapes emerge and evolve. He also introduces some watercolours and pen and charcoal drawings and sketches. Cumbrian born; he has lived and worked outdoors in the Scottish Borders for the past thirty years.Michael's last exhibition was very successful and has also painted various commissions, having sold work to private collectors as far afield as France, Belgium, Canada and America and Dubai.

E: michaelbatey09@gmail.com

W: www.michaelbatey.com

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